History & Innovations

Our History

Our company was originally founded in 1953, as S. Schonfeld and Company. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. saw incredible opportunity and in 1971 Mitsui & Co., Ltd. acquired S. Schonfeld and Company and later changed the name to Mitsui Foods, Inc.

In many ways, the history of Mitsui Foods is the history of the growth and evolution of the global food industry over the last fifty years. When the food import industry was in its infancy, product quality was low, prices were high and availability was unreliable. To many, these problems seemed insurmountable, but we saw incredible opportunity. We worked with local packers to improve processing and packaging standards. We developed our own system of distribution logistics to ensure reliability of the supply chain


Mitsui Foods’ innovations in products, quality assurance, distribution logistics and customer support services have not only helped build our business, they have helped modernize and reform our approach to how food is grown, sourced, processed, packaged, shipped, warehoused, distributed and sold in the marketplace today.

Consistently improved the quality, variety, and availability of global food products in North America.

  • We pride ourselves on implementing quality control standards and practices in food processing factories around the world
  • One of the first companies to have full-time, on-site quality assurance experts.
  • Working with suppliers on upgrading packaging technologies for greater shelf-life.

Helped reform the dependability of distribution logistics in the global food industry.

  • Utilized state-of-the-art software systems to provide fully integrated supply chain management of entire distribution stream, from factory to customer.
  • We implemented advanced tracking and tracing technology to monitor order status and short-stop problems.

Set the standard of excellence in customer service for the global food industry.

  • Our innovations in sourcing, quality assurance, distribution logistics and technology support systems have added real value to our customer service.

Contributes to the well-being of our world.

  • We implement a rigorous compliance program and supplier code of conduct in an ongoing effort to establish workers’ rights protocols in all our contracted production facilities around the globe.
  • We strive to promote sustainable growing practices.
  • We are a pioneer in dolphin-safe tuna harvesting practices. We are substantial contributor to the common good in the communities we do business.
Aside from these innovations, Mitsui Foods utilizes current technologies, such as hosted email, a new Enterprise Resource Planning system, a state of the art phone system, and more. These technological innovations help us to communicate efficiently and to ensure that customer service is seamless – and that the standard of excellence set forth by Mitsui Foods in the industry is upheld.