Our coffee sourcing relationships and facilities in all the major growing regions of the world are strong, we’ve developed the most sophisticated distribution logistics systems in the business, and we’ve expanded our operations to deliver fully integrated “tree to cup” service to our customers.

Tree-to-Cup Services

Green Coffee Sourcing
Green Coffee Importing
Coffee Futures Trading
Green Coffee Global Logistics
Green Coffee Quality Testing (Cupping and Grading)
Green Coffee Value-Added Warehousing
Green Coffee Sales
Coffee Category Management Services

Why Mitsui Foods?

A World of Experience
As part of the Mitsui group of companies, we have decades of experience in the global coffee industry. Our experience has taught us the best sourcing strategies, commodity trading techniques, quality control methodologies and distribution logistics in the business. It all comes down to delivering consistent quality, exceptional service and real value to our customers.

Global Sourcing Power
Mitsui Foods has long been a leading force in the global coffee marketplace. We have long standing relationships with the best coffee growers around the world, on-site sourcing and logistics planning in every major growing region on earth, and the size and substance to consistently drive the best deals for our customers.

Worldwide Quality Control
Mitsui Foods quality control system sets the standard in the coffee industry. Our quality experts and rigorous testing protocols in cupping and grading ensure the consistent quality of all our fine coffees.

The Finest Coffees on Earth
Mitsui Foods sources only the finest grades of specialty and gourmet Arabica coffees from around the world.

Superior Category Management
In addition to superior trading and sourcing capabilities, we also offer a full menu of business building category management services.

World-class Customer Service
Customer-centric from the very beginning, we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with customers by consistently delivering the very best quality, service and value in the global food industry.


Mitsui Foods specializes in sourcing coffee from the World’s premier growing regions:

South America –
Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador

Central America –
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

Asia –
India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Papua New Guinea

East Africa –
Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania

North America –
U.S. (Hawaii), Mexico

Quality Control

Mitsui prides itself on its value of uncompromised quality assurance. With decades of cupping experience amongst our team, both domestically and internationally, we can ensure that our customers receive the quality coffee they expect and deserve.



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Mitsui Foods contributes to the world-wide coffee community and local communities around the world by supporting fair trade policies, environmentally responsible and sustainable growing practices, coffee industry trade associations and charitable initiatives.